It’s not all smoke and green screens for the cast of Insurgent!
Sure, there’s plenty of special effects that go into the action-packed flick, but the actors have been tackling a ton of the stunts all on their own (for better or for worse).
E! News caught up with the cast of the highly anticipated film where Shailene Woodley dished about the minor scrapes and bruises she accumulated while shooting.
“There [were] no injuries [this time]. There was one time where I had a little nose bump and it cracked really loud…and my eyes were watering and I was like, I just broke my nose but it wasn’t broken so we’re fine!”
Woodley, who narrowly avoided serious injury on the set of Divergent, continued, “[There was] no swelling, no black eyes, it was just really sore for like a month and a half but other than that [it was] no big deal.”
The bubbly brunette joked that she has “a resilient nose.”