Cops carry Kendrick Lamar and his friends in a car, people dance on a police cruiser and the rapper flies in the video for his jazzy, powerful To Pimp a Butterfly track “Alright.” Between lyrics about hating police and the tune’s hook, “We gonna be alright,” Lamar balances atop a lamppost, hovering, before it all ends surreally, like a dream, after a showdown with a policeman. In late May, Lamar was spotted doing stunts for the video, standing atop a stoplight with wires attached to him. Rap-Up reported that the video was shot in Treasure Island, near San Francisco, and that 100 extras had been instructed to “go dumb” for a scene. Video director Colin Tilley helmed the video with team of Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment president Dave Free, the latter two being billed as the Little Homies.